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I was born in London one wintery Friday morning, face first. I’ve been observant and curious ever since.

I have a character balance of rational organisation and airy imagination and vision. This has set me up well for life so far as a teacher, guidance worker, wellbeing centre founder and artist. My professional life themes have always been growth and transformation of self and others in some form. Some might call it disruption.

First qualifying in Australia as a teacher in the ’90s, I moved to the UK and taught in inner London schools whilst youth working by night. A diversionary seven years launched me into the field of holistic health and wellbeing when I founded a wellbeing centre. As life took shape, two children joined my team, alongside many years of acapella singing performance and an abiding love of all things artistic.

Postgraduate masters studies in guidance and more specialist teaching followed, all paralleled by various chapters of mixed approaches to healing and personal development over 25 years.

Burnout expert Kirsty Sinclair stands on a beach looking out to see with a red and white striped pole next to her.

Your work is so profoundly nourishing, Kirsty. Your story is powerful, and what you offer to those suffering burnout is so valuable. I’m finding so much comfort in your work.

Kristin H, writer

How I approach burnout recovery

Despite having so many years working within helping professions, and holding so much knowledge and experience about wellbeing, I was entirely unprepared for my own experience of burnout. (You can read more about that here.)

I found living through the process lengthy and frightening, yet ultimately liberating. It was a difficult time, and I struggled to find suitable help. My turning point towards success was the realisation that I was undergoing a kind of metamorphosis. I had to decide what my own definition of recovery was. I pieced together everything I knew about wellbeing and mental health education to work towards a whole new life that still included things that brought me joy and comfort.

I am living proof that burnout recovery is possible. It is also possible not only to recover but to create a brand new, positive existence, based on renewed self-knowledge, manageable wellbeing practice and comfortable boundaries.

I have made it my professional life quest to offer burnout recovery resources and guidance that I didn’t have. I know from my previous role as a wellbeing centre founder that optimum wellbeing comes from an individualised, punishment-free, multi-stranded approach; there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to burnout recovery.

I’m here to help you formulate your optimum burnout recovery plan, to support you during the time that it takes, and then provide you with ongoing guidance and resources to maintain your newfound wellbeing.

You are not alone.