burnout support & guidance


burnout support & guidance

The Sanctuary Space

What The Sanctuary Space is

The Sanctuary Space is a beautifully curated online resource of relaxation audios, creative prompts and other burnout recovery resources that help support you, wherever you are in your path.

It provides a mix of knowledge, comfort and inspiration that supports burnout recovery and your longterm wellbeing. The resources are put together in a simplified and deliberate way to avoid overwhelm. 

You can sign up for The Sanctuary Space on a month-by-month or yearly basis.

A hand lights an incense stick set into a white bowl of white sea-worn pebbles.
Incense stick burning in a white bowl of white sea-worn pebbles.

What’s inside The Sanctuary Space

This unique online wellbeing membership has different sections to cater for your preferences, whether you like:

  • Psychological approaches through reading and listening
  • Spiritual-based inspiration and guidance, including general astrology and moon cycles information
  • Physical therapies information
  • Creative prompts for your journalling/writing/mark making practice
  • Ways of working and resting with mother nature’s cycles.

The Sanctuary Space is visually calm, organised, and simple to navigate. The welcome page is changed every month, letting you know what’s new in each area. Each month there’s a discussion on the time of year and its natural themes to help you feel grounded and inspired. I invite input from therapists and other experts on a regular basis.

There are monthly question and answer sessions, where I answer questions from Sanctuary members anonymously, so that we share common needs and solutions. You can send in a question whenever you like, or just tune in to hear about others’ journeys.

There is a mixture of audio, video and writing to cater for a variety of accessibility needs. The Sanctuary Space is designed to help you relax, retrieve a sense of wellness and find information and inspiration that suits you, just as you are.

The four founding principles

1.   Everyone has a right to agency over their wellbeing

2.   Humans have different needs, tastes and preferences

3.   Information changes over time, and needs regular updating

4.   The most helpful wellbeing information is curated, organised, explained, accessible and objective.

Incense stick burning in a white bowl of white sea-worn pebbles. They're a representation of self care and wellbeing practices that are needed to recover after burnout.
Incense stick burning in a white bowl of sea-worn pebbles with a lamp, velvet curtains and armchair in the background.

Why I set up The Sanctuary Space

During my own burnout, as I looked online for help, I found the volume of information overwhelming. There were so many therapists, coaches, psychologists and teachers, all saying that their way was the best way to recovery. It made decision making difficult, as I had limited capacity to filter out the most useful information or decide whether their offering was right for me. I felt wary of their lack of objectivity.

Once I was living beyond burnout recovery, I found myself wondering, ‘What if I could help others going through what I did?’ and wanting to prevent burnout.

As a former wellbeing centre founder and creativity teacher, I wanted to create a place for burnout recovery resources, away from the noise of social media. I wanted to offer something that supported burnout recovery and also helped maintain wellbeing beyond that, in an ongoing way. It needed to provide a mix of knowledge, comfort and inspiration.

This is why I’ve created The Sanctuary Space membership.


Find out when The Sanctuary Space opens

The Sanctuary Space is due to open in the second quarter of 2023. Join the waitlist to be the first to find out when it’s live.